Friday, July 13, 2012

f(x) to share fashion secrets and desires on “Actress’ House”

On the upcoming episode of FashionN’s ”Actress’ House“, girl group f(x) revealed all their fashion secrets.

The girls had fun shopping with the MCs in the streets near Ewha Womans University.

During the interview segments, Krystal confessed, “I get in so much trouble if I wear unni’s (SNSD Jessica’s) clothes without asking. If I want to wear something, I always ask her.” She continued, “She’s a celebrity too, so in order to respect each other, we don’t wear the same clothes ever.” 

Later, Amber and Krystal revealed some surprising styles desires.

The group’s tomboy said, “I used to wear ribbons and skirts. I have a boyish style now, but I may wear skirts in the future.” Krystal shared, “I want to try out Amber’s boyish shortcut hairstyle.”

Amber also showed off the contents of her sketchbook on the show.

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