Thursday, July 19, 2012

Megan Riley in asian Hot models

Ethnicity:  Mixed French, Irish
Stats:  34C-24-35
Height:  5'7
Weight:  125 lbs
Location:  Las Vegas, NV
Style: Fully Nude

Megan Riley is a super hot mix of Irish and French, and she has the most round and perfectly plump booty we have ever seen! This yummy new model travels between "Sin City", Vegas and Orange County, California. Megan Riley has the most beautiful "girl next door" face and smile, but she has the body of a round and juicy devilish temptress. She has deliciously smooth, milky skin wrapped around sculpted mounds of sinful delight and heavenly glory. She's like tasty vanilla ice cream sprinkled with succulent chunks of white chocolate booty. Sounds like an amazing flavor you can eat all day long! When she walks by, you have to do a triple take because she is so hot! Megan Riley is every girlfriends nightmare and every boyfriends dripping wet dream. Every girl wants to be her, and ever guy wants to be with her. From head to toe and all the yummy spots in-between, Megan Riley is one of the hottest models out there today.


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